Reserving and Borrowing, Overdues


There are no fines for overdue materials, but there is a Late Box for voluntary contributions. We bill for damaged or lost materials, and there may be a processing fee.

Overdue Notices

An Overdue notice will be sent to patrons when their materials are overdue. If the library receives no responsible reply to this notice, it will be assumed that the loan materials are lost. A bill will be sent to the patron and library privileges will be suspended for the patron. Privileges will be reinstated upon settlement of the bill.


Circulation Loan Periods and Limits:

Item Loan Period Limit
New Books 1 week (summer)
3 weeks (rest of year)
Adult books: 2 per card
Reservations: 2 per card
Children’s books: no limit
Reference Books For use in library- 10 free pages of material  
Other books 3 weeks no limit
Magazines 1 week (no reference items) 4 each, adult /children’s
Videos/DVD’s 1 week 4 each-adult/children’s
Audio books 3 weeks 3 each-adult/children’s
Interlibrary Loan Items 3 weeks 3 at a time (general guideline)

Confidentiality of Library Records

In keeping with Vermont law and professional ethnics, all records of library transactions are extremely confidential.

Items must be renewed in person or by phone, as long as no one has reserved the item. In summer, most new, popular books have reserves on them and cannot be renewed. The same is true to a lesser degree, during the rest of the year. Extensions on interlibrary loan items are subject to the rules of the lending library and must be arranged one week prior to due date.

Reserving Books in Circulation

If we own a book and it is out, you may place it on reserve. Please fill out a reserve slip at the front desk and include your name, phone number and date of request. The last is important because we place reserves in order of receipt.

When your name comes up on a reserved item, we will call you, leaving a message if necessary. If you do not have a message machine, please include your local mailing address on your request, and we will mail the card to you. You have two working days to pick up the reserved item: after that, your name goes to the back of the line. You may be opt to be “bumped” to the next place in line if you aren’t ready for books yet: please, just let us know.

Please do not place reserves on books we don’t own. You will not hear from us if you do. To find out weather or not we own a book, please check the catalog or the on-order file. If the book is not on the New York Times bestseller list, a quick way to find out wether or not we have it is to check the list posted at the front desk. We own everything that is highlighted.

Your Suggestions for New Materials are Welcome!

If we do not own a new book that you would like to read, you may fill out a Request for Purchase card at the desk. We do not purchase every book that is requested, but we will consider them and inform you if it has been ordered.

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