By-Laws of the Dover Free Library – Revised June 2013

  1. The Board of Trustees of the Dover Free Library shall consist of five members, each serving for five years, the term of one expiring annually, and his successor shall be elected annually at Town Meeting.
    In case of an opening, the Board should make a recommendation to the Town Selectmen to fill the opening.
  2. Regular publicized Board meetings will be held monthly on dates determined by the Trustees with one week’s notice. Meetings are not held in July or August.
  3. Special meeting called by the Chairman, or any two Board members may be held with one week’s notice at any time.
  4. A quorum shall consist of three trustees at any meeting.
  5. The officers of the Board shall be a Chairman, a Secretary, and optionally a Vice-chai and/ or Treasurer.
    The officers shall be elected at the first Board meeting after Town Meeting.
  6. The duties of all officers shall be such as by custom and law and the rules of the Board devolve upon such officers.
  7. Since the Board is composed of only five members, it sits as a committee of the whole, and standing committees are not appointed. Special committees may be appointed as required.
  8. The Library Director shall be the administrative officer of the library and shall atten all Board meetings unless excused by the Board, and shall have general charge of the library and all persons employed therein.
  9. The order of business at the regular meetings of the Board shall be as follows:
    1. Present
    2. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes
    3. Financial Report
    4. Director’s report
    5. Children’s Report
    6. New Business
    7. Old Business

    Robert’s Rules of Order, as the universally accepted parliamentary rules, shall govern the proceedings of the Board.

  10. The By-laws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by three-fifths vote.
  11. Trustees will be compensated for expenses at State and Regional workshops.
  12. The Board may hire a competent bookkeeper to manage the library’s financial records.
  13. Votes on special matters arising between meetings may be canvassed by telephone, with three assenting or dissenting.

Mission Statement

The Dover Free Library’s mission is to welcome community members of all ages and backgrounds to seek out lifelong learning experiences through reading, learning, thinking, technology, and discussion in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Policies and Procedures

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Donations to the Library

The Dover Free Library is funded by the Town of Dover, but donations from our patrons increase our financial security and enable us to fund special or unanticipated projects and supplement our core services. If you would like to support the Library with a financial donation, checks can be made payabe to the Dover Free Library and dropped off or sent to the Dover Free Library, 22 Holland Rd., East Dover, VT 05341. 

For information about including the Dover Free Library in your will, please contact John Flores at 348-7488 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A note about book donations: We love books and have an ongoing sale of used titles in our front lobby, but we cannot accept all book donations. The Library has limited space in its collection, and all donations must be reviewed by John Flores before they can be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

Many thank to our 2013 donors!


Volunteering at the Library

The Dover Free Library welcomes volunteers of all ages and abilities. Volunteers extend the reach and impact of the Library by helping with both routine tasks and special projects. You may be surprised by the variety of areas in which you can help. Here is an overview of the roles that volunteers can fill. If you have a particular interest or skill and don’t see it represented here, please tell us!

  • Book Shelver: Returning books to the shelves is one of the most essential activities at the Library because it enables patrons to find the materials they are looking for.
  • Display Assistant: Rotate and refresh the Library’s displays of books and other materials.
  • Materials Shifter: The library is a moveable feast; with new books constantly coming in, materials need to be shifted and occasionally weeded out.
  • Shelf Reader: Ensure that items are put back correctly by reviewing the order of books on the shelves. You might be surprised how many times books are “lost” when in fact they have simply been misshelved!
  • Periodicals Manager: Record and shelve new periodicals and maintain organization within the periodicals section.
  • Children’s Story Hour Reader: Read picture books to small groups of young children and assist with other activities, such as simple crafts.

There is no age minimum for volunteers, although young people under the age of eighteen will need to get parental/guardian permission. All volunteers must complete a simple volunteer application. To download the form, click here.

Volunteer Application

Please include at least one of the following: a phone number, email, or mailing address for a response. Thank you.

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Support Your Library

The Dover Free Library prides itself on being a community resource where all are welcome. The library relies on the support of its patrons to keep it strong and vibrant. This support comes in many different forms, from volunteering on-site or helping with special events to making a financial donation. Please find out how you can get involved!

Community Room


The Community Room is a multi-use space that houses the Library’s collection of books by Vermont authors and that frequently features exhibits by local artists. We encourage the use of the Community Room for cultural, educational, and recreational programs. The room can accommodate up to sixty people. There is no charge, but donations are welcome.  

Groups or individuals utilizing the Community Room must abide by the policies enumerated in the Community Room Policy form.

Reservations may be made online, in person, or by phone.  A completed application confirms the reservation.  Reservations may be made up to three months in advance of the meeting.  A single application may be filed by a group holding regular monthly meetings as long as all the conditions of use continue to be met.

Except for Library staff meetings, interviews, and training sessions, gatherings at the Library must be free and open to the public, therefore we reserve the right to make the name and telephone number provided on the request form available to anyone inquiring about the scheduled meeting.

Submit an online Request for Use application


Download and print a Request for Use application


A Permanent Work of Art - a one-of-a-kind conference table made by Dan DeWalt of Williamsville.

The walnut in this table comes from western Pennsylvania, where I was rasised.  In fact, I probably rode by bike past it when we were both growing up.  Rather than shaping the wood to a preconceived design, I decided to let the wood speak, and I would follow its lead.  After finding the two boards that wanted to go together for the top, I let the design of the base and feet  materialize organically.  It was almost a thrill ride, following the countours and the grain and not fulling knowing the destination until I had reached it.

"The table was made almost entirely with hand planes, chisels and gouges.  The surfaces show the tool marks, which in turn tell you a story about energy and direction of the grain.   No sandpaper was used.

"I hope that when you look at the table, you can envision the tree itself, the shape of the trunk, the limbs which jutted out from the knots, the round edges of its circumference.  I see it as a collaboration between myself and the tree, and the tree should get most of the credit."  .. Dan DeWalt

Chairs, custom-made of wood from the same tree by Daniel Omandi of Putney. Omandi is an accomplished, award-winning artist from Kenya.  He moved to Vermont with his wife in 2001.  He now has a workshop in Brattleboro.



The GALLERY WALL ART SHOW changes each month, usually opening with a reception for the artist on the first Saturday.

Board of Trustees


The Dover Free Library is overseen by a Board of Trustees that consists of five members each serving for five years. The term of one trustee expires annually with a successor elected at the yearly town meeting. The Board of Trustees meets once a month except for July and August. Meetings are typically held on Mondays at 1:00 pm in the Library’s Community Room. Meetings are open to the public.

The Library’s current Board of Trustees includes the following members:

  • Ed Brookman, President (term expires in 2022)
  • Chris Kelly (expires 2022)
  • Dianne Guminak (term expires in 2022)
  • Aurora Roberts (term expires in 2021)
  • Kevin Stine (term expires in 2020)

Board of Trustees minutes:

Agenda for Next Board Meeting 1pm Tuesday, March 17, 2020: 

1. Present

2. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes

3. Financial Report

4. Director's Report

5. Children's Librarian Report

6. New Business

Strategic Planning

7. Old Business

8. Schedule Next Meeting


A short history of the Dover Free Library

At Dover Town Meeting, five citizens were elected to serve on the Library Board of Trustees. Expenses for the year amounted to $25.00.
A librarian was paid $5.00 to number the books in the collection.
A subscription to National Geographic cost the library $3.60.
Alice Bayles and John Flores, Dover Free Library librarians, past and present.Alice Bayles became the first professional librarian.
The library was open April through October, two hours per week.
The library moved to a room in the Brick School, our present location.
$9,000 was appropriated to make two small rooms into one large room for the library.
$70,000 was appropriated for a two-room addition to the back of the library.
The library was open 15 hours per week.
The library installed an automation system; the card catalog became a thing of the past.
2002 groundbreaking for new Children's Library RoomThanks to the Freeman Foundation, a Children's Room was added to the library.  
The Community Room was organized as the home of the Vermont Collection and became available for library presentations, meetings and other public events.
A big-screen multi-media system and a Gallery Wall with special lighting for art exhibits was added to the Community Room. The library also acquired DSL and more computers for public access --and launched a website.
The library acquired "wi-fi" internet access and new furnishings for the Community Room. A volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit, "Friends of the Dover Free Library," was established.
The library made minor renovations to the building’s interior: all of the walls were painted, a new floor was installed, shelving was added to the foyer, and new storage cabinets were installed in the workroom. The Friends of the Dover Free Library purchased and installed a muchl-needed tool shed for the library garden. In addition, the Friends sponsored a Garden Lecture Series as a benefit for the library that was held at various locations in Windham County. 
The Dover Free Library endured the economic crisis: circulation reached 22,185, an increase of 3,585 over the previous year.
The library updated its automated system, allowing patrons to access the library’s catalog from home, work, or school. Access World News database added to the library’s collection of newspapers from around the world. The library was selected as part of the state's FiberConnect project to receive fiber-optics internet service.
Completion of the Dover Free Library's Strategic Plan for 2011-2014, a community vision that local residents, the staff and the board of trustees developed during two public forums held during the summer of 2011. 
E-books became available to library patrons.
The Dover Free Library celebrated its 100th anniversary on March 4th.

Cemetary Photo of old cemetery on Holland Road by Carol Hatcher.
Information on the settling of the area and early history of the Town of Dover appears in the Vermont Historical Gazetteer collated by Abby Hemenway and published in 1891 by Carrie Page.


The Dover Free Library welcomes community members of all ages and backgrounds to seek out lifelong learning experiences through reading, learning, thinking and discussion in a comfortable and friendly environment.

The library is guided by a volunteer Board of Trustees and partially funded by the Town of Dover, Vermont. Non-profit grants and individual volunteer services are essential to its operation. It is a community learning center: neighbors working together to enable anyone to get connected to worldwide literature, art and entertainment, as well as news, education and information resources. Dover Free Library is one of Vermont's 210 public libraries which are maintained by and for the residents of towns with populations under 2,000.

Hours and Directions


Monday and Tuesday: 2-8
Wednesday and Friday: 10-6
Saturday: 10-2


802 348 7488


22 Holland Road, Dover, VT  05341

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General Policies


1. Mission

The Board of Trustees adopted the following mission statement as part of its long-range plan for 2011-2014:

The Dover Free Library is a place where people of all ages and backgrounds meet to read, learn, think, and discuss in a comfortable and friendly environment.

The purpose of our library is to provide public access to books and other resources for education and pleasure; to serve the community as a center for reliable information: to provide opportunity and encouragement for all persons to educate themselves continuously; to try to identify community needs that can be met with library resources, or in cooperation with other community organizations; and to supplement resources already available to students.

Interlibrary Loans

If there is something you want to read and we don't have it, and it is more than six months old, we can probably get it for you on interlibrary loan. We can also use interlibrary loan to find general information on a specific topic (after consulting our in-house materials). Most interlibrary loan requests can be filled in about one week, although some items may take longer. There is no charge for basic services, but out of state libraries consulted for hard-to-find items may charge fees. We do not request items out of state or incur any fees without the patron' s permission. Please remember that we cannot request new books on interlibrary loan; it violates state and national codes.

To obtain interlibrary loans, you may search the Vermont Automated Library System (VALS) yourself, or we will be happy to do the search for you. In either case, you will be asked to fill out an interlibrary loan form for each item requested. If we are doing the search for you, we need as much of the following information as possible: author, title, date of publication, and where the item was cited (by a friend; in another book; on TV , etc). You can fill out a form at the library, or use this online form, which will be handled by a Dover Library staff member.

In the case of an information request, we need detailed notes about what sources you have already consulted. A staff person will help you fill out the information request form.

Interlibrary loan service depends on cooperation among libraries. Patrons must pick up interlibrary loan items promptly and return them on time. Extensions are subject to the rules of the lending library and must be arranged one week prior to due date. Ideally, the items will be used within the given period.

Reserving and Borrowing, Overdues


There are no fines for overdue materials, but there is a Late Box for voluntary contributions. We bill for damaged or lost materials, and there may be a processing fee.

Overdue Notices

An Overdue notice will be sent to patrons when their materials are overdue. If the library receives no responsible reply to this notice, it will be assumed that the loan materials are lost. A bill will be sent to the patron and library privileges will be suspended for the patron. Privileges will be reinstated upon settlement of the bill.

Your Library Card

All Vermonters (including second home owners) may sign up for a library card free of charge. As of 31 March 2017 all applicants are required to show a current driver's license or state photo identifcation card. Out of state residents who are visiting the area for short or extended stays may sign up for a card for a $10 annual fee (no charge for children under fourteen). The fee is based on the annual per capita local tax support, prorated for a two-month stay, the average for summer residents. Its purpose is to keep new books on the shelves during the summer, the busiest time of the year. The library is committed to providing as much free access to services as possible, but it is independent and funded by the town; it is not part of a larger system and does not receive any direct funding from country, state or federal sources. We appreciate your understanding and invite your comments.

Dover Free Library:  A Life-Long Learning and Community Cultural Center

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